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Lost Vidcast: “Exclusive Jorge Garcia Interview”

On this special video interview Jorge Garcia (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes) answers questions about the new and final 6th season of Lost

5 Responses to “Lost Vidcast: “Exclusive Jorge Garcia Interview””

  1. Guinevere60 says:

    Fantastic vidcast, guys. A little spoilery but not too much. The scenery in the background is wonde4rful and it was enjoyable to watch you guys just talk about the best show in the world.

  2. franklinpierce says:

    Whoa! Somebody needs to tell Jack that a man over the age of 35 should not wear shorts above his kneecaps! In fact, those creepy shorts are scary in that not only do they expose his “older gentleman” legs, but they are baggy and we almost see things that none of us need to see. Just sayin! You guys are great! And this is a great interview! Although I had to keep turning away because of the short shorts on the older dude!

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